OET Classes for Nursing

Our popular online OET preparation classes in  are perfect for healthcare professionals aiming to gain employment in healthcare services or the NHS. Online classes are private lessons with a British OET teacher who will cover all areas of the OET exam: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Study any time and from any place with a complete 6 week course.
We also offer a free follow-up service to help candidates gain employment after passing their OET exam.

Who are these classes for?

  • Students who need to quickly improve their band score for the OET exam in order to gain a nursing pin or qualification.
  • Students who do not have time to attend classes and can study from a PC, laptop or tablet. Live voice chat and interactive study boards allow our teachers to work with you in a completely digital environment with no additional fees.
  • Any student who has struggled with or failed the IELTS exam.
  • Students who have failed the test previously and would like to work on specific areas to make sure they pass next time.

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These classes are ideal for healthcare professionals who are required to obtain an OET qualification to gain a nursing pin for employment in the employment in the UK. Our online classes are structured to help you to achieve a score of B in just 4-6 weeks.

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OET lessons will...

 Increase your OET band score by two grades or more in just 6 lessons
 Cover test strategies to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking
 Include free retraining - learn with us again for free if you don't pass the test
Improve your understanding of the test format and exam requirements
 Writing task reviews to improve writing skills; accuracy, style, coherence and cohesion
 Focus on reading skills: improving speed and accuracy, and building confidence
 Include weekly test sessions so teachers can monitor your progress and provide individual advice on areas to work on

Key Information

Lessons: 6 Week Course
• Cost: £300
• Interactive online lessons on your phone, tablet or computer
• Our Location: Nottingham (Click here for location)
• Hours per week: 1-3 (depending on your schedule)
• Retrain for free if you don't pass
 Online Lesson dates: Any day of the week from Mon-Sun, 10am-7pm

What Will I Learn During Classes?

After taking an OET assessment at the beginning of your first lesson, you will work with your tutor from a personalised study plan. Here is a sample of a typical lesson plan over three weeks.

Lesson 1

Your tutor will assess your writing and create a study plan to improve your ability.
Your tutor will discuss tips to improve your writing ability and explain the common mistakes that students make.
You will be assigned Writing Task 1 and 2 homework after every lesson so that your teachers can test you on the skills learned. This will ensure you are achieving the desired band score. You will receive full feedback from tutors on your essays.

Lesson 2

Having problems with the IELTS Reading exam? Your tutor will explain exactly how to find the required information in an IELTS reading passage.
Most students study with the IELTS exam. In this lesson, your tutor will work through practice tests with you to make sure you understand what is required and how to get the band score you need.
In this section of the lesson, your teacher will test you on what has been learned and fill in any gaps in your knowledge. This program has been created so that students can achieve band score 7.5 in reading.

Lesson 3

Fun listening activities to improve your comprehension and understanding of IELTS listening recordings. You will work through these activities with your teacher with feedback on the answers you provide.
Many students feel they can achieve a better band score in the IELTS listening exam but continue to make simple mistakes. In this lecture, your teacher will explain the common mistakes students make and how to get a perfect band score.
Your student will test you on the IELTS listening exam to make sure you have understood the lesson. If there are any improvements required, you will continue to work on them until you get the band score you need.

Our online courses run throughout the year and are the perfect way to pass your IELTS test quickly and without hassle.

Begin by booking our online course (£400) which includes 8 weeks of IELTS lessons and is designed for you to pass the test first time. Most students will see their band score increase by 1.0 or 1.5 in all areas.

These classes include eight weeks of online live chat classes, IELTS study materials, writing exam task 1 and 2 graded each week (total: 16 IELTS essays reviewed), tutor email consultations and free retraining if you don't pass the test.

Our tutors are flexible with our timetables. We can always find a schedule and tutor to suit your needs.

Classes also include:

  • OET course and training materials to work through as homework
  • Free immigration, employment and visa advice
  • Tutor email consultations
  • Certificate of progress
  • Follow-up support